1 year old
  • Infant Class
    The first step of group life and independence with the parents.

Mizuho School, Kid’s Club, Kid’s Park

2 year old
  • Mizuho School
    International Preschool in Japanese and English (2 days / week-)
    Kids Club
    Preschool children's classroom (approximately twice / month) in parent and child
    Kid’s Park
    Contact place (3 times a year) for preschool children

Kinder Garden, Mizuho School, EG5

3~5 year old
  • kindergarten
    Tokyo certified private kindergarten
    Mizuho School
    International Baccalaureate PYP Certified School
    English Immersion Classes (extracurricular classes)

EG5, After School

6 year old~ (Elementary student)
  • EG5
    English Immersion Classes (extracurricular classes)
    After School
    Private schoolchild nursery school giving learning instruction