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Mizuho Academy (herein after referred to as WE) and Mizuho Institute of Preschool Education, Ltd. (herein after referred to as WE) will strictly be paying attention to any private information for those who use our site without any worries. We would like to explain how we handle with care as follows.

Purpose of Usage

We will be using the information within the limit for administrating the website. (such as claiming materials, application, inquiries etc.)

Security Management for Private Information

We will strictly handle under the security management rule and prevent information from destroying, amending and leaking.

Handling Private Information

We will never give away information to any third party without the permission of the person himself/herself with the exception according to the law.

Usage of Cookie

The purpose of using the cookie is for the website to maintain the records which is a small file that will be sent to your hard disk on your computer.
Our site is using the cookie. You can always reject to accept the cookies by setting the browser but in this case you might not be able to receive a part of our service from our site.

Obeying Related Regulations

We will follow and obey any related regulations concerning the protection of private information.

For any other Inquiries

For any questions and inquiries concerning our privacy policy and private information protection policy, please contact the following mentioned below.

Mizuho Academy

Mizuho Institute of Preschool Education, Ltd.

Mizuho Academy
  President Yoshie Motohashi

Mizuho Institute of Preschool Education, Ltd.
  CEO Nobuko Motohashi

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